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First Baptist Church has a variety of Sunday School classes for all ages. If you are not currently in a class, please come and visit a class at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday morning.  You are certain to find a warm welcome. We have a Preschool Department (through age 3), the Children's Department (Kindergarten and Grades 1-5), and Student Department (Grades 6-12).

Our adult groups include men's, women's, and coed classes. This is an excellent time to get involved in the study of God's Word and find new ways to apply it to everyday life. Our Sunday school classes also offer a wonderful opportunity to meet new friends and find a Christian fellowship.





Teacher: Elizabeth Kilby
Location: S111

Younger Adults


Teachers: Shannon Ashley; Lynn Barker

Location: S203

Young & Middle Adults


Teachers: Carol Hunter
Location: S101

Middle Adults 

Teacher: William Barnard,
Jeff Templeton, Ken March
Location: E211

Middle Adults

Heritage Hall

Teacher: Tom Brandon
Location: Conference Room

Older Adults


Teachers: Angie Roberts
Location: E212

Older Adults

Teachers: George McLeod, Clyde Elliott, Butch Price
Location: Heritage 1

Older Adults

Adams Hall

Teachers: Ralph Bentley &

Libby Purcell

Location: Library

Older Adults 

Teachers: Bob Dellinger
& Gale Hall
Location: Heritage 2

Senior Adults


Teachers: Jerry Campbell

Location: S117

Senior Adults

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