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First Baptist Church desires to carry on God's work in an orderly fashion and wishes for the congregation and ministry team members to understand what is expected of each ministry team. Ministry team members are encouraged to have attended a new member’s class. All ministry teams meet at the beginning of their rotation to review team guidelines and make recommendations for changes. Plans for the coming year are also discussed. Some teams must meet monthly; others may meet only a few times a year. Ministry teams are responsible to their Staff Minister or designated leader and the Deacon Ministry Team. For detailed descriptions of each team, see the First Baptist Church MINISTRY TEAM POLICY MANUAL, which is maintained by the Deacon Ministry Team. Some ministry teams (such as Personnel, Building and Grounds, and Wedding) also have PROCEDURE or POLICY MANUALS which describe many of their functions. The Senior Minister and Chair of the Deacon Ministry Team may appoint ad hoc committees with the approval of the Deacon Ministry Team.



     The Deacon Ministry Teams are the Business Management, Personnel, and other teams as needed composed of active deacons and other church members. The Deacon Ministry Team appoints the chair of

     each committee for usually one year, and new committee members for usually three-year rotating terms.

     Each team reports monthly to the Deacon Ministry Team.



    Church ministry team members are recommended by Staff Ministers and leaders and approved by the

    Deacon Ministry Team.  Usually,the team chairs are selected for a one‑year term, and team members for three-year rotating terms.

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